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Why Conjures Stopped shooting

CONJURES is a Spooky horror film that I started filming a few years ago. But I decided to halt the film because of strange things that started happening during the filming. I decided to shelve it for another day. I went back to shooting Christmas Tears and finished it. So, I've decided to try and shoot Conjures again. 

Now the reasons why Conjures was canceled. 
What would you have done?
Little about the film. Conjures is about a flying saucer coming back for a star child. A child that decides to create some mischief before he goes home.
Well, I guess you'll know what happens when the film is completed. And as long as supernatural things stop happening I will finish it.
Okay, reasons I stopped production the first time.
Warning: If you're in this film or are auditioning for it, If you're are part of the cast and crew. I would understand if you want out.

Reasons why filming had stopped:

1- and 2 We started checking out 2 parks to shot scenes at. One is close to my house, the other is in Belmore. The one close to my house we checked out first. I felt like I was being watched there and not by the park rangers. We filmed a little to see how this park would work. It was perfect, then when I got home I found the park on the web by mistake. (Strange. Have no idea how that happened, since I wasn't looking for the park) I was trying to find a special effect guy. I used the film's name Conjures and it gave me someone that would have been perfect as a special effects person but he was in the occult and that's a big no-no for me. So I came up with the park I was shooting in as I looked for another special effects guy. Well, it so happens that it's the only park in Long Island where a real flying saucer crashed (If you believe in UFOs). STRANGE

3- I needed a crystal ball so I got a clear one and needed a dark green rubber ball the same size 100mm so we could use it as a green screen (For animation) I could not find one the same size or green. I did not want to buy a green crystal ball since it may not work cause it's see-thru. My wife started making one out of felt, but it wasn't right. The next day I was doing the dishes (Yes I wash dishes) and I looked out the kitchen window. Right in front of my side yard were a green rubber ball, the same size, and color I needed. I ran downstairs and picked it up. It's perfect. Now, where did that ball come from? My neighbors don't have any children and neither do we. The neighbors are never in the yard either. So how did that ball appear out of nowhere? Strange

4- This is really spooky. I was looking to buy a canon 7d camera to shot Conjures (We now have a Black Magic) I found one on Craigslist. It happens that the seller was in Montauk Point and although still pretty far from me I decided to take a ride up there and check it out. Now I don't know anything about cameras so I ask my cinematographer to come with me. He agreed and he, my wife, and I went to Montauk Point (About 1 hour and a half drive) I followed the directions the seller had given me (I had No GPS) on our way there our cinematographer was speaking of a horror movie he had just seen. And we spoke about how Conjures is going to be better. It's now night time and it is dark out east. No street lights, it's hard to see the street signs and I passed the street I had to turn on by maybe a mile. I knew I went too far when I saw the Montauk lighthouse. We doubled back and this time I saw the street name. We turn there and started heading north. After about another 15 minutes we arrived at our destination. I was glad 3 minutes more and we'd be by the Long Island Sound. Now to get to the house we would have to go through a dirt road about 100 yards. We could see a little of the house that was mostly covered by the trees (This was summer) The house was dark, it looked like 1313 Mockingbird lane (You know the house) anyway the dirt road was very muddy with thick brush and trees were on both sides. My wife said, "I know we're not going up the road!" I said hell no! A sign outside the house said For Sale it was rusty and it had one chain link broken and it was dangling on its side and making a squeaking sound every time the wind blew on it ever so gently. The cinematographer complained that I had the car parked in a position that if a killer came out with a chain saw he'd be the first to go. So I said fine. I made a U-turn and parked the car with the dirt road on the driver's side, My side. After a few minutes, I could see what he meant. It was scary and the mind can play tricks on you and to make matters worse I called the seller and he didn't pick up. I couldn't believe I went there for nothing. The sign made a squeaking sound again and I now I'm panicked. I decide to move the car and this time I put it with the headlights facing the narrow dirt road. I put on the bright and I could see a lot of water in the middle of the road. The strange thing was it hadn't rained in a while, so where did that water come from? Still, I waited and decided to call again, this time he answered but to my surprise, he sounded different, strange. I told him I was there and he just said GOOD in a strange deep voice. Then again maybe it was me, I thought to myself. The road was deserted. My wife thought that Leather-face or zombies were going to attack us and she kept looking out the back window and telling me she wanted to leave. Now for the spooky part. It was dark out but the headlights lit the area in front of the car very well. Then right in front of the car, a mist appeared starting from my side of the car (The Drivers Side) It was a smokey solid white mist and it appeared on the road and then it started to move from the left side of the road across toward the passenger side. I froze, I was one big goose pimple. I was going to say something but I didn't want to scare my wife who was scared out of her mind in the back seat of the car looking for anything that could harm us. She never saw it because she was worried about us being attacked from the rear and was facing the other way. I figures is best to stay shut and not make things She never saw it because she was worried about us being attacked from the rear and was facing the other way. I figures is best to stay shut and not make things worst but my cinematographer sitting in the front passenger seat was seeing what I was seeing and he quickly commented when the mist disappeared on his side of the car. "What the fuck was that?" He yelled out loud. I was trying to cover what I knew it was, I told him it must be a fog that's starting to form. He yelled back, "That ain't no fucking fog!" The wife then turn in a panic and wanted to know what was it that had just happened. I told her what was going to happen. We were leaving. And we drove off. We told her after we were far from that area. We spoke that we should have known that the house was probably haunted when we first drove there and saw such a big house which was completely dark, no lights anywhere, and the muddy water on the road leading up to it. The next day I looked up the address I was given and I was surprised but not shocked. But google search showed a small type ranch, not a big tall house like the one we saw... Now that was spooky

5- After these few more minor troubling coincidences I said to myself, "If something else happens, I'm shutting this production down!" Well, it didn't take long. The other park we scouted and filmed a bit in (Belmore). We had toured the park and I like a special area there, there a down tree and perfect for our werewolf scene. But the next day as I watched the news on T.V. a reporter was talking about a body found in that area by the tree we had scouted. Well, goodbye Conjures I said. To this day I don't know if they caught the killer and I don't want to know. But Conjures was done.
So here we are 3 years later and now I will start the film again. This time the right way! With a production crew, permits, the works. But if any strange things happen again, I'll just sell the script.

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