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Things That Go Bump in the Night

A child's imagination grows as they grow older and then they realize it wasn't their imagination

Quote by Migdoel Noel Torres

Life has so many unexplained phenomena happen that if told to anyone, they might be labeled crazy or a liar. The latter being better. I'm sure people kept quiet more in the past than they do today. I guess back then you would lose your reputation and worse be put in a loony bin, okay crazy house, still too insensitive, how about a psychiatric ward or asylum?

I'm sure people who saw ghosts, the Walking Dead, and mainly aliens were the most affected. Especially the ones that were taken on a spaceship, probed, and then brought back.

I would have a hard time believing that one myself and yet I believe in extraterrestrial life. Well I must believe in it since I wrote the book called Conjures (Found on Amazon)

And it's about aliens coming back.

Well, these stories I'm about to write are spooky and very hard to believe, but they are true. How do I know the stories are true, well because I know who said them to me, and besides I too have gone through some unexplainable petrifying things.

So many things happened when we lived in East New York, that it's a miracle I ain't crazy.

(Well that's your opinion. Lol)

Another place I lived was at 395 Van Siclen Avenue in East New York. My dad had a store on Cleveland Street and Sutter Avenue back in the 1960s. Both places were hunted. One of my more terrifying moments happened behind that store where we had two bedrooms. That story I’ll tell next week.

As a child, I lived in constant fear of the unknown. At Van Siclen I always heard things at night from dice being rolled next to my bed to crying sounds coming from the kitchen to chains being dragged on the floor.

One night a year my grandmother would light candles fill up glasses with water and put bread on the table to feed the dead. That happens on the day of the dead

Weird, but that's a belief many people still have to this day. On that night my room which I shared with my sisters was next to the kitchen where all that stuff

was happening. I remember hiding under the sheets petrified as all these souls were crying in the kitchen. The ghost must have thought I was one of them because I'm sure I was as white as them as my soul was drenched in fear. The crying lasted all night but my fear lingered for years. The only good thing about that night was that all the ghosts stayed in the kitchen while every other night they would visit my room. I slept with the lights on so many nights but that did not stop the specters.

One may think that these things can't touch you physically but I know they can.

One night I awoke from a deep sleep as if something woke me. I jumped, frightened, and saw my sister ET standing on the inside of the window sill. Her bare feet were on the ledge and her hands were on the upper window pane. She was like 5 years old.

The window was wide open and she seemed to be sleepwalking. I slowly walked up to her and asked her for her hand. She just stared out the window in a trance. We lived on the 5th floor so it was a long way down onto a concrete yard. I reached for her hand and pulled her softly off the window sill and put her back in bed.

I laid down next to her and held her just in case she would try to get up again. In the morning I got in trouble for sleeping with my sister in bed. But when I explained what had happened my parents nailed the windows so it wouldn't open as high as it did. (We still needed air.)

PS - One day looking out that same back window I thought I saw a spaceship, but I've never told anyone till now. Nothing happened, it just hovered and then took off in a flash. Sorry no abduction, but years later when I was 18 I was driving in Puerto Rico on route 2 from Guayama to Mayaguez to see my ex-wife. Now the trip is about one and a half to two hours long. It's a trip I have made a few times. On this particular day in January, I was driving in the morning at about 10 am on Carretera dos (route two) and there wasn't a car sight. It was a beautiful day, sunny, with no clouds. I remember seeing the green mountains and an open road ahead. Then I saw a sign that read Ensenada, which is south of where I was going. Now maybe I got lost but I don't remember driving that long, it was going to be 2 pm. From Guayama to Ensenada is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Somehow I lost about 3 hours and till this day I can't explain what happened.

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