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I'm sure we can visit others in person without leaving home

Quote by Migdoel Noel Torres

I lived at 1053 Flushing Ave at the corner of Vandervoort Place in Bushwick, Brooklyn in my teen years with my parents. But being in a rebellious state I'd sometimes would stay out all night.

When we left East New York and Brownsville, I figured we had left all that witchcraft and paranormal stuff behind, but I was wrong.

I remember coming home in the morning and seeing my mother making coffee. She seemed nervous so I asked her what was wrong. My mother is the sweetest and most honest woman in the world, (They don't make them like that anymore.) so I believe her.

We sat down at the table as she started to make me breakfast and she told me what had her so perturbed. She told me that late at night she felt my father wake up, so she sat up and noticed my dad sit up, stand up, and leave the bed without saying a word. She then froze in fear as she noticed that dad still sleeping next to her. She tried to awaken him quietly, but he didn't awaken. She said she was speechless as she saw him walk toward the kitchen. “It’s his essence.” She was frozen in fear.

Things got weirder when my younger sister asked what my mother calls The Other Polo (Dad's name) to bring her some water. She told me that my father went to the kitchen and brought her some water. Then he asked my older sister E.T. if she wanted water. She said no thank you and went to sleep.

My dad's soul then walked back to the bed and got back into his body as my mother just watched in fear. Once inside his body again my mother panicked and shoved him again. This time waking him. She told and told him what she had seen. He said that she was dreaming. "I wasn't asleep, you even got Dalia water." She told him. He told her that it was all a dream and that they would talk about it in the morning.

Then my father who was half asleep opened his eyes wide when he heard my younger sister Dalia yell, "Thanks for the water, Dad."

My sister confirmed that Dad had given her water that night. I now knew that whatever was with us in our old addresses was following us around. I panicked because things were so bad sometimes that a priest dressed in garbs like the pope would come to our apartment in East New York and they would walk around with a thurible: a metal censer suspended from chains, in which incense is burned during worship services. It is used in Christian churches including the Roman Catholic church of which my parents were members. It wasn’t till my parents started to study the bible with the Jehovah's Witnesses that all the evil stopped.

They were told to get rid of all saint idols, crosses, jewelry, clothes that they had been given, and any book that they thought could be accompanied by demons. My parents cleaned the house ( Although my father did go a little too far and he cut out all the pictures of a beautiful King James bible we had for years.) But it did work. Later I found out that one book in particular that was in their possession was the Bible Black. (I'm almost sure it was a copy. I hope.) The book's existence was first rumored around the 12th century, and it was said to be owned by the Knights Templar, one of the most famous armies in medieval Europe. They used the power of the tome to gain wealth and glory.

My dad tried throwing it away but it kept reappearing. But finally, once it vanished (Thanks to my parents' new religion) so did all other entities and paranormal activity that had followed us for what I felt was forever. So a word to the wise, if you are having trouble with ghosts, the paranormal, evil thoughts, and so on. (Not aliens, that’s a different problem) get rid of all idols or anything the true Bible tells you to.

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