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Coming To Get You

This new story is one about spirits that have been seen and those who saw them did not know who it was they were looking at. When one person sees something one may be skeptical of the story, but when two or more see it too, well you know there must be some truth to it.

My daughter-in-law tells me that when she was a child about 10 she and her cousin were playing in the living room as their uncle lay on his deathbed in the other room. Seems the uncle in his thirties was dying of aids. No one was in the room with him as the rest of the family was in the kitchen making dinner.

My future daughter-in-law and her female cousin were playing in the living room when the young girls saw an older woman appear in the living room and walk to the bedroom where their dying uncle was. They got scared because the entity walked through the door.

The girls panicked and yelled for their mothers who came running in quickly. The mothers rushed in very nervously at hearing the panic in their daughters' voices and screamed,

"What happened? What's wrong?"

The girls started speaking both at once and they told their mothers in a panic voice what they had just seen. That woman had gone into the room where their gravely ill uncle was. The women ran into the room as the girls followed. One of the mothers told the girls to stay in the living room. Once inside the women noticed that there was no one there except for the uncle on the bed.

The girls were quietly sitting on the sofa whispering to each other. They asked each other if they knew the woman who had gone into the room, and they both said that they had never seen the lady before. Soon one of the mothers came out with her eyes all swollen from crying, "You're uncle has passed away girls." The girls being so young only got teary-eyed.

As the police and emergency medics were taking over the situation one of the mothers asked the girls to describe the lady that they saw. The girls described her as a woman in her eighties, with light dark skin (Caramel). My future daughter-in-law told her mom that the woman was about her height but a little heavier.

Her mother got up and went to the room and brought out an album filled with new and old pictures of family and friends. The girls looked at the album separately and they were told to see if they could see the person if any that they thought looked like the women they saw enter the room.

My future daughter-in-law went first and saw a few old pictures of the person or entity she saw enter the room. Her mother shocked stared at her sister and gave her the album so her

could ID who she saw enter the room. My future daughter-in-law's cousin picked the same person from the pictures she saw, "That's her mom." The mothers looked at each other as a

chill filled the air according to them. The entity the girls had seen was their uncle's mother.

I would like to think that the man's mother had come to take her son to wherever is it that's waiting for us all.

But I love the idea that since it was the man's mother that came to get him, maybe the love we carry deep in our spirit never truly dies. Just like in the film "Ghost."

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