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Hounds of Hell

Does a demon dog already come with Red Devil hot sauce.

Quote: Migdoel Torres

My sister's ET, Dalia, and her friend Theresa all from NY came to visit my parents like they do once a year.

One day they went out to eat at Guavate (Roast Pork town) in the mountains of Cayey. On their way there they picked up my beautiful cousin Janin who was Miss Guayama back in the 1980’s. And they were to embark (No pun intended) on a petrifying situation. This happened a few years after her reign.

I’ve mentioned Guavate, Puerto Rico before. You know the party place in the mountains. They were at one of the many restaurants located in that well-known mountain town of Cayey.

It was getting dark and they decided to drive home before it got too foggy. Like I said before, late at night the clouds drift and hover over the mountains like in the 1950’s horror film ‘The Crawling Eye.”

So they got in the car and drove off. My sister ET was in the driver's seat, next to her in the front was Janin. Teresa was in the back seat talking, while my other sister Dalia was behind the driver seat. Yes her sister. ET mentioned how they should have left earlier since it was dark now.

As they descended the mountainside, my sister ET drove carefully. In this mountain one mistake and it’ll be your last since you can go over the cliff and get killed easily. The odds of surviving a fall of this mountain are slim to none.

Once I was with my sisters driving up another part of this mountain range going up to a town called Albonito. The mountain was steep and the car even on low was having a problem going up it. My sister ET was doing the driving that day and when you are in the driver's seat all you can do is think of what may go wrong and you can’t do anything about it.

Once close to the town, this awe-full smell hit us. We all quickly picked up our windows but the smell went through the vents and it was unbearable.

I told my sisters that there was some sort of big dead animal close by.

Soon we found out what it was. Seemed a truck (Yes they go up those mountains) went over the edge and fell halfway down the mountain. Later on, I heard it took like two days to get the person who got killed in that truck out. The body was in twisted metal in sweltering temperatures that had hit about 100 for two days. Which explained the smell. We saw a big yellow crane pulling the truck up and the stench was from whomever it was that was in that truck. And as the truck came into view just as we were passing by, the stench was now overwhelming. My cousin made the cross and we kept going up the mountain even slower and more nervous than before.

Anyway back to the story. My sister commented on why were there so many crosses adorning the side of the road. There was at least one or more crosses almost every mile.

Janin told her that people party every weekend up there and most are drunk when driving home and they just don’t make it.

As they talked the whining road was easily seen by my sister. She took every turn slowly. There were also no other cars in sight. Not in front of her and not behind, which is a good thing because the road is pretty narrow up there.

My sister slowed down almost to a crawl when she and Janin spotted something up ahead on the road. They looked like a few round small lights.

As the car got closer they could see what they were. A pack of beige and dark brown dogs that were either related or cloned.

My sister asked her cousin, “What kind of dogs are those?” Janin said she didn’t know. My sister Dale and her friend Theresa said they didn’t either.

“Maybe mutts,” ET says.

Now this was before the Chupacabra was ever spotted so to this day they call the pack “Big Demon Dogs.” But who knows?

My sister blew the car horn as she got closer to the dogs who were all in the middle of the road just staring at them. Soon the car’s lights lit the whole area up including the dogs. And the girls could see the dogs clearer, they also noticed that there were no houses in these parts of the mountain.

The dog's eyes shined like in the horror film “Children of the Corn.”

And as they got close my sister stopped the car and they all looked at the dogs. They saw the dogs all growl in unison at them, Their mouth were opened and saliva dripped to the ground from their long pointy fangs.

My cousin Janin yelled, “They’re demons.”

Theresa yelled, “ Run them over.”

Janin screamed. “ No don’t do that, those are demons. You can’t run demons over.”

Theresa yelled, “I don’t care what they are, demon dogs, hot dogs, just run them over!”

E.T. didn’t know what to do. Then the dogs started to move toward the car.

Dalia started yelling to her sister, “Let’s get out of here!” As she too saw the dogs slowly move toward them.

Now there’s no way you can make a U-turn on this part of the mountain and my sister loves animals, but this was no animal. She too knew it was demons and she stepped on the gas to drive over that creature.

She thought that if she tried to go around them on the left she might hit the mountain and the car would overturn and the demon dogs would kill them. If she tried to go around the dogs on the right the car may go over the cliff where they would surely all die.

So she decided to throw caution into the wind and drove straight ahead. She held the steering wheel hard as she came upon them, but they weren’t surprised when they did not hear or feel a thud.

My sister and cousin said that one demon dog started to run backward in front of the car, going as fast as my sister was driving. The faster my sister went, the faster the demon dog went.

One demon dog went to the driver's side growling and barking in a furious rage. The other two dogs were attacking the passenger side where Janin and Theresa were.

After about two miles down the mountain the demon dogs, Chupacabra’s or whatever it was disappeared while running alongside the car, but that didn’t stop my sister from slowing down a little. She said she slowed down about another mile after she knew that the creatures were no longer chasing them.

When they got to Arroyo they were a bundle of nerves. My sister dropped Janin off at her house and she ran inside.

Now the drive home was just as bad. She was scared out of her wits because she expected the demon dogs to attack again. It was still dark out and the 5 minute drive to the house felt like an hour.

She said she was so scared to look to the side of the car’s driver’s window just in case that demon dog would appear again.

When they finally got home. Theresa volunteered to open the gate. ET drove up the ramp and parked under the tin-covered carport. She and my other sister got out of the car in a hurry and ran to the house entrance. ET had trouble opening the house's front door because of her nervousness. Once she was able to open the door they waited for Theresa to close the porch gate. Theresa ran to the house and then went inside. That night they couldn’t sleep, they spoke about their ordeal all night.

In the morning ET called Janin and was so happy to hear her voice. Well they all agreed on one thing, they were never going to Guavate at night again.

They're more stories about Puerto Rico. But those are for the future. For now, let's go back to New York.

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