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The Man in White

If I had to run from the dead or alive. I would choose my potion carefully

Quote by: Migdoel Torres

Another one of my sister's Green Eyes stories starts at a street block party. For those who don't know what a street block party is, well the name says it all. It's a street block that is closed off to cars so neighbors can

throw a party instead of in their house, clubs, or yards, it's held in the street. From one end of the block to the other. Mostly everyone joins in and they put out tables in front of their houses and place all types of food,

drinks, and goodies for their neighbor to enjoy for free. Some street block parties hire clowns and have bouncy houses for the kids to play in, almost like a street fair. They may even have popcorn or cotton candy machines

for all to enjoy.

On this particularly warm day, my sister Green Eyes was staying with some new relatives they had decided to put her up for a while. At 14 she had gone through a lot already and although the street party had a lot of teens

hanging out, she didn't know any of them since she was new to the neighborhood.

That day she walked up and down the block all alone. She was having a good time just hearing the music and watching people mingling and having fun.

As she walked back to where she was staying, she could hear her uncle's mean old German Shepard barking up a storm. She and the dog didn't get along, not only because the canine was a guard dog, even though she lived

above where the dog was staying, she was very afraid of it and avoided it the best she could. The dog had seen her many times before but they never interacted. She was told to stay away from the dog by her family.

In the beginning, the dog used to bark at her all the time, but after a while, he got used to seeing her and somehow must have known that she was also part of the family. Guess the shepherd didn't see her as a threat

anymore. Still, she kept her distance from the dog that was mainly kept chained in the backyard.

So on this day when she heard the dog barking, she wondered what was it he was barking at. Not her she hoped.

She looked over the metal gate and saw the dog chained up and looking away from her. He was barking at something in the backyard. She wondered what had the dog in such a frantic state. She opened the gate as she carefully

looked to where the dog was barking. To her surprise, she saw a man dressed from head to toe completely in white. Now it wasn't like the Good Humor man although an ice cream truck was at the street block party and it wasn't

a doctor or butcher.

Thinking about it later it could have been a butcher but not the ones that work in butcher shops. For sure it wasn't the people that came to take you away to a funny farm either. Sorry, I was thinking of the song

by Napoleon XIV: "They're coming to take me away.'

The stranger was dressed like Ricardo Montalban in Fantasy Island. He had a white suit on with white gloves and white shoes. She remembered thinking later on that he probably had white socks on too.

She couldn't see him clearly from the 30 yards from where she was even though he was standing right across from her.

The man didn't say a word as he motioned for her to walk to him with a wave of his hand. She unknowingly took a few steps toward him either by enchantment, curiosity, or hypnosis. Thank goodness the shepherd was in between

both of them. The dog saw through the corner of his eye that my sister was headed toward the stranger. This made him bark harder as to tell her not to walk toward that man. The dog tried to get loose, if not for the heavy

chain he would of.

My sister although petrified of the dog found herself walking toward the dog now, not knowing why. The dog turned his attention back to the stranger as my sister got closer to the frantic hound. The dog turned back to the

stranger without missing a beat barking his head off. My sister's first reaction as she walked closer to the dog was to untie the dog and set him loose.

She bent down to release the dog but looked to see if the stranger in white was seeing what she was about to do hoping that he would finally speak, hopefully yell not to let him loose.

Shocked to see no one there, she slowly backed away from releasing the hound. She stood there in shock as she looked around. The stranger in white had vanished.

Now in a panic, she started to back away from the dog. The dog looked around too, also confused at what had just happened. They were both dumbfounded as they both looked around for the stranger who had disappeared.

My sister panicked and ran back to the gate she had just come through. She closed it behind her and looked back, only to see the dog staring at her.

Once outside the gate, all the sounds of the block party were again ringing in her ears. She wondered what was it that had just happened as she knew that the yard was fenced in the back, the only way for the man in white

to get out of the yard was to run by her and the dog. That never happened.

She looked at the dog, she saw that the shepherd was now quiet as he turned to look for the man in white.

Today she still questions what was it that she saw that day. A real human or an evil spirit. She also can't figure out why the dog never attacked her when she got within the dog's range, can't even understand why she even

got that close to that frantic German shepherd in the first place. Guess her guarding angel led her towards the dog since it knew the dog was the better option.

Makes me wonder how many times has this happened to other children. I wonder what would've happened if my sister had walked up to whatever that was she and the dog saw. Could some of these paranormal entities also be

the reason why so many kids vanish without a trace from their backyards or parks.

Just wondering.


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