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The Princess Phone

Guess even an unknown call from heaven, must be heavenly

Quote by: Migdoel Torres

Another story by my sister Green-eyes is something that although brief can't be explained. After growing up and leaving behind the orphanage, youth homes, and staying with relatives, she got a job taking care of this very

elderly woman. They got to know each other well and became friends. For over a year she would take care of the lady, go home to her apartment in the city, and then repeat everything the following day.

  One night she woke up to a chill in the air and memories of the shadow quickly came back to her. She quickly put on the night light that was on the night table next to her bed and braced for whatever was going to happen.

As the light brightened the room she saw everything was fine. But then a very powerful smell of flowers consumed the room. (No it wasn't the neighbors smoking marijuana). It was the aroma of a flower garden. The aroma was

very strong as if someone had just cut a bunch of fresh flowers of all kinds. She got up and went to the window figuring the odor and the cold was coming through the open window that she probably forgot to close. When she pulled the curtains back she saw the window was indeed closed.

  She turned back to bed and sat down on it. She looked at the clock on the night table and it was a little after midnight. She thought to herself she better lay down and try and get some rest so she wouldn't feel so run down in the morning.

  In the morning the alarm went off and she got up. She wondered about the flower smell that had enveloped the room 7 hours before. She went to the restroom and showered. When she came out she started to dress and put on make-up.

   Just then her pink princess phone on her night table begins to ring. She was startled as she stared at the phone in disbelief. She got very nervous as she slowly walked toward it.

  As she reached for it, fear started overtaking her for she knew that her pink princess phone wasn't connected to any outlet. The phone on her nightstand was there for decoration since she thought it was beautiful, and rotary phones were starting to get fazed out. The pink princess phone that was ringing was just that, a décor with no wires at all. Even the receiver wasn't connected to the phone.

  Hesitant, scared, and curious, she slowly picked up the loose receiver and put it to her ear. She could hear static, her eyes open wide and she threw the receiver down. She quickly finished her make-up and ran out of the house.

  When she got to her job the doorman told her that the lady she was taking care of was rushed to the hospital last night. My sister asked what happened, but he didn't know. She asked him where was it they had taken her, he told her the hospital's name and the room she was in. She quickly left for the hospital.

  Once there she rushed by the front desk and ran to the elevator that happened to be there. She pressed the button for the floor she wanted to go to and ran out as soon as the elevator stopped on the floor she wanted.

   She hurried to the room the doorman had given her. As she stepped into the room she saw an empty bed. Some custodians were cleaning up the room. She asked them for the lady that was supposed to be there. The custodians had no idea since they had just started their shift. They told her to ask at the front desk and she quickly went back to the elevator that seemed to be waiting for her. Once downstairs, she walked up to the desk clerk and asked for the lady she worked for by name. The desk clerk looked at her co-worker and then back at my sister, "I'm sorry to inform you, but she died last night at just about midnight."

  My sister was devastated, she started crying and ran out of the hospital. Now she knew what the smell of all those flowers was all about. And who made the call?


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