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A Soldier's Betrayal is about a soldier who come back from Iraq unannounced to surprise his new wife. But be-careful

he who surprises may get surprised. Unknown to him he will find himself in more danger than he was in Iraq. Luckily he finds himself getting help from the last person he would ever suspect, an enemy. This is a short film that will surprise you on how life can be.

Watch the movie here

A Soldier's Betrayal was the second movie I ever made

back in 2008. The first was Ark of Sins (Never Finished) years earlier. Soldiers betrayal was never released or even sent to film festivals. So I edited some very erotic and bloody scenes  and decided that I will put it out there so everyone including the actors that did such a great job acting could see it for the first time.

I will let you know more details as I get them in a few days.

Film Scenes

A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still008.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still004.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still009.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still002.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still015.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still010.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still014.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still013.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still018.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still011.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still012.jpg
A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still016.jpg

Directed by

Soldier's Betrayal Directors.jpg

Noel Torres

Hilda Torres

Jerry Bruno

A Noel Film Works Production

A Soldiers Betrayal 2019.Still019.jpg
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