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Christmas Tears

Three childhood friends all run into the darkest days of their life's as all hit rock bottom on Christmas Eve. Their values and faith get tested on this, one of the holiest of holidays. Unforgettable story of Faith, Family, Hope, Love, and Jesus and God

Film now available on Amazon Prime

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Buy book or rent this beautiful and touching Christmas Film and help support our new project for 2021 "Conjures"

  Have a very merry Christmas and may this coming year make all your dreams come true.

  Hear Anayka's beautiful and touching song below

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Santa 759.jpg
Transform 759.jpg
Couple Fight 759.jpg
Angelcell 759.jpg
Preachor 759.jpg
Was Wrong 759.jpg
First part cap.Still078.jpg
Anayka 759.jpg
Watching 759.jpg
Jail 759.jpg
CeeCee 759.jpg
Argue 759.jpg
Kids 759.jpg
Pain 759.jpg
Party 759.jpg
China n Luis 759.jpg
First part cap.Still031.jpg
Homeless 759.jpg
Lil 759.jpg
Elf 759.jpg
Ending 759.jpg
Neighbors 759.jpg

Original Trailer


Santa Claus
Will Mercado (Vincent Rizzuto)
Kyle Grant (Trevor Henderson).jpg
Andre Deleon (Ricky Morales).jpg
Hild China Garay (Mrs. Morales)
Juliet Gomez (Sonia Rizzuto)
Anayka Ny (Vicky)
Luis Ruiz (Mr. Morales)
Octavio "Preachor" Campos (Juan)
Michelle Ruiz ( Mrs, Henderson).jpg
Melanie Torres
Eric Mickey Fernandez
John Figueroa (Homeless)
Louisa Bikowski (Lady in Park)
Judy McCormick (Mrs.Quinn)
Sonja Fiala (Mrs. Smith)
Amerie Chapel (Esperanza)
Christina Chapel (Neighbor)
Megan Tello (Gwen)
Enna "ET" Torres (Auntie)
Nancy Munroe (Susie Rizzuto)
Selena Mercado (Mom)
Brandon Mercado (Son)
RJ Meyer ( Jimmy)
Louis Torres (Young Vincent)
Jonni Albetta (Parandera 2)
Lisa Rozza Haft (CH Attendent)
Danny Sazon (Parandero 1)
Veronica M. Penna. ( Parandera 3)
Peter Williams (Shopper)
Mike Olge.jpg
Scott Parrish  (Cinematographer)
Fabian Perez (Director)
Migdoel "Noel" Torres (Producer, Writer)
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