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LightningStar Entertainment is a division of  LightningStar Entertainment Group, LLC. We provide entertaining, educational and inspirational content in streaming television programming and film. 

We also serve as a content distributor on our Roku station, LightningStar TV, our LightningStar Entertainment mobile app and here on our web platform.


Our company philosophy is to be a company that gives back and pays it forward. We believe that helping others should be a priority while doing business and in our daily lives. To do this, we are working with many charities to help raise awareness and needed funds through our programs, events and charity fundraisers. We are also making it possible for other content makers to have a distribution platform to grow their audience in a very cost effective way. As we grow, we want you to grow too. This same philosophy is also integrated into our advertising rate packages. 


Noel Torres
John Damroth
Gail King
Shelly Cohen
China Garay




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Lightning Star Entertainment

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