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A family goes camping and one of their children gets abducted by aliens. His little sister sees it and runs back to tell her parents who don't believe her and think they're playing games. The mom can see that her daughter is really scared and knows something happened to her son, she just doesn't believe in a flying saucer taking him.
The father is upset and starts yelling for his son to come out of hiding. His yells so loud that some of the campers that hear him and some campers that had seen the little girl running by them, walk up to him and ask what's wrong. The parents tell them that they think their son is lost in the woods.
The campers decide to look for this kid before it gets dark. As the campers look around the forest, the mom goes back to the tent to see if her son would show up later. When she gets there her son is waiting. She screams at him and tells him that his game has a lot of people looking for him in the woods. She sends the kids ti their tent. His sister upset tells her brother what she saw as she to sleep upset that no one believes her.
The kid sits up and takes out a crystal ball. The ball acts like a camera. He can see everyone that's looking for him and others enjoying the park. He takes out some of the toys he brought from home and puts them against the crystal ball. The crystal ball sucks the toys in and the characters appear alive in the forest.
One by one the toys kill in a horrible ways the people searching for him. The kid conjures up all types of demons, murderers, goddess, animals and monsters.
This is an erotic horror, not for the young or easily scared. The book and soon to be movie have many of your favorites and some of the scariest creature ever made.

Film stopped filming because of virus

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